About ASDP

ASDP II Objective

To transform the agricultural sector towards higher productivity, commercialization level and smallholder farmer income for improved livelihood, food security and nutrition.

Component 1: Sustainable Water & Land Use Management

Objective: Expanded sustainable water and land use management for crops, livestock and fisheries

Components Priority Investment Areas

  1. Land use planning and watershed management.
  2. Irrigation infrastructure development.
  3. Irrigation scheme management & operation.
  4. Water sources development for livestock & fisheries;
  5. Promote Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) technologies and practices.

Component 2: Enhanced Agricultural Productivity And Profitability

Objective: Increased productivity growth rate for commercial market-oriented agriculture for priority commodities

Components Priority Investment Areas

  1. Strengthening Agricultural extension, training and promotion/info services (crops, livestock and fisheries);
  2. Improvement Access to crops, livestock and fisheries inputs and health services;
  3. Research and development;
  4. Strengthening and promoting agricultural mechanization (crop, livestock and fisheries);
  5. Food and nutrition security

Component 3: Commercialization And Value Addition.

Objective: Improved & expanded rural marketing and value addition promoted by a thriving competitive private sector and effective farmer organizations

Components Priority Investment Areas

  1. Develop market access for all priority commodities;
  2. Develop market access for fisheries and livestock products;
  3. Development of processing and value addition for Crop, livestock and fishery products.

Component 4: Sector Enablers, Coordination And Mornitoring And Evaluation.

Objective: Strengthened institutions, enablers and coordination framework

Components Priority Investment Areas

  1. Policy and Regulatory Framework and Business Environment Improvement.
  2. Strengthening organizational and technical capacities of existing and new small scale producer, trade and processing farmer organizations and cooperatives movement.
  3. Promote and strengthen gender inclusiveness in the agricultural sector.
  4. Improve and strengthen vertical (from PO-RALG to RSs and LGAs) and horizontal coordination between ASLMs.
  5. Improved Capacity and agricultural data collection and management systems
  6. Management Capacities and Systems Improvement (vii) Develop Agricultural Sector M&E System
  7. Develop Agricultural Sector M&E System.
  8. Kuwezesha na kuimarisha uwezo wa utendaji wa shughu li za kilimo kwa watendaji wa sekta ya kilimo katika ngazi zote.
  9. Improvement of Capacity in all levels (ix) Improvement of ICT for Agricultural Information Services and Systems.
  10. Provide microfinance services.